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About Us 


Welcome to our colourful world.

Coral Black is an environmentally conscious swimwear brand fueled by our love of the oceans and the Great Barrier Reef at its core. 

Our prints are bold and colourful and of high quality designed in Australia, giving the wearer a sense of uniqueness in their fashion choices. 

We also believe in the importance of a positive community image by being size-inclusive, which means we carry swimwear for everyone.

Our swimwear makes you feel great knowing they are made from recycled plastic bottles otherwise destined to landfill or float amongst our sea life. That's not where the story ends, though; your purchase helps support our ocean buddies, too, through donations to organisations like Sea Shepherd Australia (amongst others).

Founder Of Coral Black Swim


Coral Black Swim was brought to life in 2019 in Newcastle from pure dreams, love and creativity. Completely designed in a small apartment and owned by a hard-working Novocastrian Uber Driver and a stay at home Dad of twin boys.

Coral Black Swim includes my wife and our days revolve around juggling our little ones and creating beautiful, colourful swimwear for a variety of body sizes and shapes, from size 4 through to 24.

We focus on environmentally friendly materials without compromising on quality or design.

From the recycled fabric we use to the compostable mailers we use to ship your order, each aspect has been considered for the best product and sustainability outcomes.

Swimwear doesn't have to be boring! 
We look forward to sharing our passions with you. :)

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